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Hair transplantation in Turkey by the robot technology of Choi pens with Comfort Medical by amazing prices

Hair transplantation and cosmetic operations with Comfort Medical are the best in Turkey. Discounted prices for visitors from the Arab countries and upscale services from the transfer from the airport, booking the best hotels in the Turkey in tourist areas in Istanbul, conducting the process with the finest and most modern hospitals by the most famous doctors and the most skilled medical staff. We attract a very large number of Arab visitors per month from all Arab and European countries. The unique offers of Comfort Medical will continue in Turkey during the fall. Prices are suitable for all segments due to the support of the Turkish government. Plant the maximum number of bulbs in one session without increasing the cost. End local anesthesia pain and use of advanced anesthesia free of charge. $ 400 discount for friends. The number of operations exceeds any other center in Turkey.

Our Medical Services


Male Hair Transplant

What are the hair transplantation techniques used in Turkey?Follicular Unit Extractio


Beard and Moustache Transplant

Some people consider the beard and moustache as one of the main traits of an attracti


Eyebrows Transplant

When to use Eyebrows Restoration?They say that you must never underestimate the power


Women Hair Transplant

When to use Eyebrows Restoration?They say that you must never underestimate the power


Plastic Surgeries

Plastic Surgeries in Turkey performed by the best professional doctors in turkey usin


Non-Surgical procedures

Non-Surgical procedures is considered one of the most important choices in the cosmet

Special Offers

Turkey is currently seeking to join the European Union in the near future. The Turkish Ministry of Health owns and operates approximately 55% of Turkey's more than 1200 hospitals Most hospitals in Turkey have English-speaking doctors and medical staff that are certified by the Turkish Medical Association Turkey boasts of more than 30 medical facilities that are accredited by the Joint Commission International.